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Custom Work Policy


     Clay By Gibsons custom work policy is truly unique and client friendly. There is no consultation fee for in home evaluations. Measurements and pictures are taken while opinions and open conversations are encouraged. 


     The piece generally takes 1 month to complete but depending on workload and show schedule may take as long as 2 months. Multiple firings and technical expertise are required to achieve the results. Many of the effects mimic that of wood, metal, stone or glass.


     When the work is finished an appointment is made to view the art back in the home. There is no obligation for purchase if the piece does not match the expectations of the client. Art needs to enhance its surroundings and be a source of pleasure to the viewer. Upon approval Clay By Gibson does all hanging and installing. Declines, however infrequent, are taken and made avaliable for sale to the public at one of the many art shows across the country. 







Excellence in Custom Clay Wall Sculpture

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